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Monday, 20 January 2014

How to increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card ? - January 2014


How to increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card ?

ram increaser for android

Today i am introducing a way to increase ram in Android Mobile phone using SD Card. Android which is the best mobile OS till now and already got a big mark with its feature and increasing number of smart phones based on Android.About 75% smart phone in the world are based on Android. And they are available in variety of range from 4000 Rs to 40000 Rs. The difference in range is due to their hardware otherwise you can find a same Android version on a 4000 Rs mobile that a 40000 Rs Smart phone is using. This is because Google Android is Open source and is free.

This difference in hardware can greatly affect your phone, you can not use bigger size apps, and can not play heavy games or you can not run multiple application at the same time or the hanging problem and many more. But everyone can not afford the high range phones. And majority of this problem is due to the processor and the ram size.

Is there any solution to these problems ?

Yes, one can increase ram in android phone. This may certainly help you to play some heavy game and may run many application at same time. But its not the perfect solution as things depends on your processor and other hardware also. But increasing ram can help you a lot and is very easy and cheap to increase ram in Android Smart Phone.


How To Increase Ram In Android Mobile Phone using SD Card ?

We know Android operating system is one of the best operating system in the world. Imagine you have an all featured functionality android phone with the low RAM size but you can’t access multitasking at a time. Otherwise you access the wonderful games like grand theft auto, vice city, spider man etc that the time you feel running slow, it get spoil your mood. We will help you to overcome this kind of issue with superior app. That is ROEHSOFT RAM Expander. Which makes a file called swap file in SD card is a virtual RAM. This swap file can used all phones to support in their kernel. It is a new technology.

Now I explained about the new technology in briefly. Just analyze and take it as a right action for your android device.

RAM Expander

RAM expander is an application uses part of your SD card as RAM and speed up your phone but you must have the large memory card. You don’t have the large memory card just convert your memory card into 4GB. We already discussed about the article in previous session. Now your memory card is capable to expand your RAM.  Just think SD card can be RAM of your android devices which supports SWAP technology. It included the best features are:

SWAP file RAM expansion up to 4.0GB

·        Free SD card memory as a RAM use

·        Autorun

·        There is no limit on Sap partition

·        Easy foolproof use

·        The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with SD card from class 6

·        Widget for PNP SWAP

·        Swappiness kernel parameter set

·        To support Tung all Android device.

These full featured RAM Expander is compatible for you. But one thing I reveal here. How to check compatible or not?

Before you buy this app, just check that if your android is compatible or not. To verify if your kernel support swap or not. If it ok then proceed next step.

Step 1: download the Apps from Android Market.

Click here to Download Paid Version

Click here to Download Free Version  (this is another app to increase RAM , working process are same)

Step 2: just to follow the guidelines for swapping your android device.

Step 3: in that appearing window, you need to select the language you want when you will open the application for the first time.

Step 4: to choose optimal then click Swap Activ to create SWAP file and to enable it.

Step 5: After it complete, click on the grey box to complete the process and activate SWAP in your android device.

Now ready to access the RAM. You can enjoy all the access with fast speed.try it and enjoy it. 

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  1. Or one could simply create a swap file from a terminal and configure it like in any linux system (Android is Linux)