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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

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Easy Way To Hack Whatsapp


Hacking is Easy Now

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger application and the app is voted best messenger application by users. This application have the lost of feature. By the application you can send message, multimedia message, video, and picture, maps to all over the world with any cost but it require data connection or Wi-Fi. In this article I am talking about the 15 tricks and tips of whatsapp

1. In this whats app you can Spy other person account. This is requiring to done the setting of rooted phone which have to be opened. . Then the user noted the MAC address of the phone Wi-Fi

2. You also you use whatsapp without using the person number. For this you have to do the tricking the Verification code request which is asked from you after installation of whatsapp
3. If the message is deleted by the someone they can be obtained by transferring the msgstore.db.crpt file to some other person

4. There is a fun trick you use this trick by using the app name is Magiapp, one picture can sent to another picture
5. In this whatsapp you cannot download profile picture of other because of security reason. But this is automatically download when one sees it in the memory card
6. In this there is a app is available for doing fake conversation and the name of this app is whatssaid. This app is for those who love to prank
7. There is way by which you do prank to friends by changing their profile picture on the particular phone. A picture name, resolution has to be changed and saved in the phone8. In the whatsapp you also send and share the PDF, APK, ZIP and DOC files with the help of Cloud send
9. You can also hidden the profile  picture or Stopped from downloading you do this with the help of Whatsapp plus
10. You can also block the last seen feature of the whatsapp just by installing the block whatsapp last seen app. This Trick and tips is the best
11. You can also disabled the automatic download of image by installing the Whatsapp plus app
12. If you want to use whatsapp free or want to extend it up to 2022 for this you have to download whatsapp with a number in two different mobile, one iphone and another is android alternatively once
13. You can also maintained multiple whatsapp account by a single rooted phone with switchme multiple accounts app
14. You can also you whatsapp account without Sim also by using WLAN connection On phone
15.  You also hacked whatsapp conversation by using whatsapp sniffer

                                      Vaibhav Rajawat


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