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Saturday, 24 August 2013

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How To Surf The Web Anonymously With Proxies


Are you looking to surf the Internet without anyone knowing your location or details? Do you want to regain access to a banned website or forum? Well you’ve come to the right place as in this article I will  answer the frequently asked question, How To Surf The Web Anonymously ? , How to access restricted  websites?. There are many ways to surf the web Anonymously.But the best way to surf the web Anonymously with out spending any money  is by using Proxies.

What is a proxy?
A proxy is an address ( IP address ) of a  Server (proxy server)  that is placed between your computer and the Internet

Without Proxy 

With Proxy

The advantage of a proxy is that your real IP address is Hidden so when you hack  your giving the IP address of   the proxy sever and not your real IP address Same  way if your a normal Internet user the hacker won't get your real IP but the IP of the proxy server.You can use it to enter site or forum that you are IP is banned 

Follow the steps given below to Surf the web Anonymously

How To Surf The Web Anonymously With Proxies
First we need  to find a proxy sever .There are thousand's of free proxy severs on the net  You can find them by googling .For this tutorial i will be using proxies from www.aliveproxy.com 

Now open your web  Browser  

Using proxy with Internet Explorer
1. First open Internet explorer  .Go to Tools menu, and click on Internet Options

2. Now select connections tab and then select   Lan settings 

3. Now check  "Use proxy" and enter the address of the proxy server and the
    port .(use the proxy that we got from www.aliveproxy.com  )

4.  Now Hit ok that's it now we can surf with proxies

Using Proxy With Fire Fox

1. Open FireFox  Go to Tools menu, and click on Options
2. Now select "connections settings" and then  click on the “Manual Proxy 
   Configuration” button and enter the proxy address and port you have from the site
   mentioned above, in the HTTP Proxy address and Port boxes. Click the OK button
   twice, and you're done.
To check weather your  behind  a proxy go to www.whatismyip.com you can see a
different ip address after setting up your proxy

Hope you'll find this tutorial useful . If you have any doubts please be free to comment


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