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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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How To Root /Jail Break An Android Smartphone


Whats Is Rooting

Rooting  your device means obtaining superuser rights and permissions to your Android's software. With these elevated user  privileges, you gain the ability to load custom software (ROM’s), install  custom themes, increase performance, increase  battery life, and the ability to  install software that would otherwise cost  extra money . Rooting is essentially hacking your Android device. In the iPhone world, this would be the equivalent to  Jail breaking your phone.

Benifits of Rooting a Phone 
  • Installing custom ROM's become so much easier
  • Customizing your Software
  • Install Custom Themes
  • Increased Speed and Battery Life
  • Allows to remove unwanted apps, that are otherwise un-removable
  • Run scripts for performance and usability.
  • Unlocking Additional Features
  • Restoring and Backing up your Entire System

How To Root LG Optimus Me P350 Running Android 2.2 Froyo

Rooting your ANDROID Smartphone is very easy and straight forward, fallow the steps given below to root your phone

Please follow this guide at your own risk, The author will not be held responsible if your phone gets bricked, by following the process you are voiding your warranty and significant damage may be caused to your device.

Things You Need 
EasyInstaller - To install .apk files (gingerbreak),You can install it from Android Market

Ginger Break - Exploit To Root your Phone, You can download it from Here
(credits-xda developers)


1. First Enable USB debugging in your phone by going to Settings -->Applications--> Development -->USB debugging

2. Download and install EasyInstaller From Android Market, Then download Ginger Break From the link given above and transfer the file to Your phone (download Folder )Via USB 

3. Now Open Easy installer and Select GingerBreak (file which you transferred in the previous step ) and hit on Install selected apps 

4. After you install, Open Ginger break app and select Root device. Make sure that your SD card is mounted

Wait for a minute or Two, on successful exploitation the phone will reboot ,After rebooting browse the menu section, You will see a new app Super user as shown "which means  you have rooted the phone"

Hope this Tutorial helped You,  If you have doubts regarding this post, Let me know them via comments 


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